Landscapes Screensaver

Landscapes Screensaver 1.2

Landscape Screen Saver

Landscapes Screensaver is a custom screen saver for your desktop that displays lush scenery. Have a good view of the nature's fine beauty when your system is idle.

Landscapes Screensaver includes different landscapes from around the world. From geysers and icebergs, mountain tops to sea waves, to deserts and islands, this software displays more than thirty images that will soothe you.

Images are in 800x600 size and are in 24-bit high resolution mode to give you non-pixelated and high quality images. Landscapes Screensaver is fully customizable, it is capable of adjusting time intervals between screen saver changes, control and add effects for transition, display images in black and white and cycle wallpapers in an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

Lastly, Landscapes Screensaver is also capable of password-protecting your computer while it is in idle mode. This product works with Windows XP and lower platform versions.